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May 11, 2011

G-SHOCK MILITARY 6900 I remember when I was a kid; my brother and I would always want to have G-Shock watches specifically the digital watches that have colorful and luminous hour, minutes and second markers. My friends and classmates would also yearn for this known brand of timepiece to their parents. G-Shock watches have its different kinds, well-designs and eye-catching colors for their women and men’s watches and they have been successful in continuing their creations and collections.

Now, they have this new amazing G-Shock Military 6900 watches specifically for men but can also be used by women who are not that much of being the girly type or when women would go to places such as gym or training or anything that will require moderate to heavy indoor and outdoor activities. This is a military black colored G-Shock classic digital watches that has an incredibly multi-functions such as having backlights with afterglow effects that is very useful especially when you’re in a darker dim lighted places, a multifunctional alarm with flash alerts that has a buzzer sounds for alarms, hourly time signal and countdown timer time up alarm, and has a 1/100 second stopwatch and countdown timer functions that can be used everywhere and anywhere.

This stylish yet functional G-Shock military watch is offered in for an affordable price of $99.00.


G-Shock – Military 6900 (Military Black) watch

Our Price: $99.00


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watch Jul 31th